Mountain Lion is a leadership medicine. This totem can be a difficult totem to manage. Mountain Lion people can often be blamed for things that go wrong or for always taking charge when others cannot. Mountain Lion medicine involves lessons on the use of power in leadership. It is the understanding that all beings are potential leaders in their own ways. The decisions of how to use power in a position of influence are part of this great cat's medicine.
            Mountain Lion people must learn how to balance power, intention and physical strength and grace. If you are drawn to this giant feline, be aware that you may be a natural born leader and need to work toward building your personal beliefs to align with the teachings of the Ancestors. A Mountain Lion person may see a human as invincible, this is a pitfall that one must work through as a good leader. Keeping peace and telling the truth is a key trait of the Mountain Lion person.

            "Medicine" in Native American culture is the concept of anything that improves one's connection to the "Great Mystery" and to all life. This includes the healing of the mind, spirit and body. It also includes anything that brings healing to your personal power, strength and understanding. It is the way we as the followers of the Red Road live life that brings healing to Mother Earth and to all of the family, friends and fellow creatures. It is all encompassing.
            Animals exhibit habit patterns that will relay these messages of healing to anyone astute enough to observe their lessons on how to live. Each lesson they show us is based on a major idea or concept. Calling on these lessons can empower the person to reflect their journey on the Good Red Road and learn from their experiences within it.
            We do not worship the animals of our Medicine; we use their lessons to assist us in leading our lives in harmony with the other creatures of the world.

Native American Animal Medicine

(Reference: "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sams & David Carson) 

            My name is Lorraine Morabito, She Who Listens in the Night is my Native given name. I am the hunka  (adopted) daughter of Chief Medicine Cat and Head Clan Mother, Star Blanket Woman. I am the Wolf Clan Mother.
            The Wolf (sunkmanito) represents the East and stands for wisdom, knowledge, loyalty, protection and security. The wolf is also a powerful teacher. These are the foundations of the Wolf Clan teachings and the way of life for its members.
            Tribal members who have these attributes, or want to learn the teaching of the Wolf Clan, can talk to me. If you have an interest in the Wolf Clan, I will be happy to share the things I have learned about our culture, heritage, our clan and the Red Road.

Pila mia (Thank You),
Lorraine, She Who Listens in the Night

Wolf Clan

Clans and Totems

          The Wolf is a pathfinder. They are very willing to teach and share their medicine with others. They are extremely loyal and loving and have a strong sense of family. Despite this, they also have a compelling individuality that they embrace and exhibit.
            A Wolf person is very keen and intuitive. The moon is its power ally. Sometimes the Wolf person can be self-isolating. This is not due to depression, it is a time for them to regain their inner strength from their true self.



          The Bear is the keeper of dream time and stores the teachings of dreams until the dreamer wakes up to them. If you like bears, you should maybe look into some books on interpreting dreams. If you need a lot of sleep, it maybe Bear working.
          Bear is not one to make snap decisions, and is not an addictive or obsessive/compulsive person, nor one to ramrod of force into any position. Bear takes in all available information, he takes it into his quiet place to study that information carefully, gives it careful thought for awhile and then reaches his own informed decisions based on the facts at hand. Bear is the one who says, "I have to think about this...". Bear people often give the impression of being plodding and slow, but they are really being studious and cautious. You can rely on opinions coming from a Bear person as being well thought out, thorough and based on the facts given. Many inventors and scholars probably carry Bear Medicine.
          Bear is a fierce warrior, especially protecting her young. They appear to be lumbering and slow, but can have lightening speed when threatened. Bear people enjoy home and shelter and like to be warm and cozy.


            The Osprey, or Fish Hawk, represents our primal life force and fulfillment. Ospreys are the messengers, protectors and visionaries of the air. If you are an Osprey person you are a strong person with a strong energy and will speak your mind sometimes before you think things through. Your comments are strong and actions are powerful.
            The Osprey person is able to communicate their visions and inspire others to their purpose in life. They are able to stimulate hope and new ideas and are able to reflect a need to be open to new ideas. They are able to help teach others to be open to new ways.

Mountain Lion

          The Horse was the first animal medicine of civilization. The Horse person is one that is able to carry the burden of others without complaint. They are willing to listen and do not pass judgment easily. They have compassion for others and are caring and loving individuals.
            The Horse person is quick to share their multiple talents and abilities with others. Beware as they are very spirited and not easily corralled. They can be headstrong and "set in their ways". They have firm beliefs and will fight for what is right and just. To be friends with a Horse person is to have a friend for life, but this trust must be earned slowly as it would be in taming a wild pony.